Custom Club Fitting

A professional club fitting will help you make the most of your equipment investment

Why be fit into net if you can see the ball fly at our driving range?

At Golf Center of Arlington we have the top club fitting professionals fitting off real grass under real conditions! Plus, we take advantage of the best technology using Flightscope launch monitor and V1 Golf app in every fitting. Flightscope is used by the world’s best players with as much information as every player needs.

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Flightscope Fitting

All club fittings done at Golf Center of Arlington will be done with Flightscope X+ which is 3D Doppler tracking radar for golf. The X+ is known for its unmatched accuracy and revolutionary applications. Flightscope X+ offers side-by-side video and club or ball data comparison for every golfers needs. Whether you are a professional golfer or just a beginner comparing clubs next to each other with Flightscope will help you choose the correct golf club with the help of out Fitting Professionals.

At Golf Center of Arlington, the huge advantage we have over most golf stores is the ability to see live outdoor ball flight during the golf season. You are able to hit shots outdoors from grass to get the most complete fitting with the most accurate real life on course feels that will allow you to select the clubs the most suitable for your game. While hitting into a net or simulator does give the player the ability to feel the difference between clubs there is no substitute for being to get fit outdoors and from grass. In Ohio, sometimes it is necessary to get a club fitting outdoors but if at all possible outdoors is the best way to go.

Flightscope X+ is so good because it gives accurate data if you are indoors or outdoors if the weather is not cooperating for outdoor use. There are 15 different measurements that our fitting professionals will have access to for club, swing, and ball data to ensure we match your swing with the best possible clubs.

All fittings will include the ability to see your swing speed, ball speed, launch angle, smash factor, trajectory, ball spin rate, carry distance, total distance and many other factors all of which are key to how your golf clubs will perform for you and your individual swing.

Driver fitting is one of our most popular fittings—it allows us to optimize a new driver to your specific swing. The driver is one of the most important clubs in your bag because if you drive it further and straighter that will put you on the path to shoot better scores. The most important elements to hitting better drives are ball speed, launch angle, smash factor and ball spin rate. One of our fitting professionals will do that by selecting the correct head for your game (brand, loft and head design) which is the most important part of the process. The design of the head combined with the loft will give you the start to ideal launch data… combine that with the correct shaft and length and you have a perfect driver.

Iron fitting is extremely important to be properly fit because you are using them every hole. During an iron fitting we will determine which head is best for your game (brand and head design), shaft, shaft flex, shaft length, as well as lie angle. All these elements will lead to your hitting more solid, straight, and longer shots all of which add to building confidence and lower scores. With the help of Flightscope and our fitting professionals we will select the perfect set of irons and specs to fit your game.

Golf Center of Arlington Fitting experience doesn’t just stop there we can fit your for the correct woods to match to your driver and irons to get the correct gap fitting so every yardage is covered. This is ideal for every player so they know how far each club carries and when to pull that club on the course.

At Golf Center of Arlington we call this a Long Game Fitting which covers fairways woods, hybrids, and utility irons from your driver to your first playable iron. This is so important because most golfers struggle with long irons and these are much more playable. Its important to get fit for these clubs because you need to be able to have something you hit solid and have the correct gaps from club to club so there is no wasted space in your bag. We use the same data as a driver fitting but also evaluate each club to the next one so there is overlap and each club performs for the players need.

A gap fitting allows us to get you 13 clubs to cover from driver to lob wedge.

With this is a wedge fitting which not only determines carry distance but also takes a look at different grinds so you will no longer struggle with those tough half shots, pitches and chips by selecting the correct lofts, head designs and grinds for your game. Wedge fitting is one of the most important parts of the fitting process because we use them so much throughout a round of golf.



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