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Golf Academy

Our Golf Academy offers programs for all ages, from beginner golfers looking to get familiar with the game to advanced golfers looking to improve technique. Our systematic approach on teaching golf will start from the putting green to the tee box tailored to build a strong foundation on our students so they can understand their golf swings and apply their knowledge successfully at the golf course.

We provide young players a fun and safe opportunity to play, which bolsters skill and confidence. Golf instills courtesy, integrity, a love of outdoors and healthy living. Kids are able to make lifelong friends and develop valuable life skills they can use in school, in their home lives and beyond.

Our BEGINNERS ACADEMY Program are divided in Four Levels of performance standards:

LEVEL ONE: Basic fundamentals of the game with emphasis on the importance of the SHORT GAME and basic rules and etiquette. Students will learn the proper fundamentals of grip, stance, posture, aim/ alignment, ball position. At the end of this level the student must master the basic motion (Putting and Chipping).

LEVEL TWO: Introduces the students to new elements of the game while emphasizing the HALF SWING. Students will complete this level with the basic understanding of the dynamics of the body and how it works in relation with the swing and must master the acquired motion (Punch and Half Pitching Shots).

LEVEL THREE: Introduces the students to remaining elements of the game while emphasizing the FULL SWING. Students will complete this level with a rhythmic, repeatable golf swing and must master the total motion with iron and woods, sand play and flop shots.

LEVEL FOUR: The student will learn COURSE MANAGEMENT along with rules and etiquette, the “how’s and why’s” of playing certain shots at certain times and how different lies play an important role on decision making. Scoring will be highlighted explaining the “do’s and don’ts” of shots on the golf course. Instructors will explain and demonstrate the risk/ rewards for shots played on the course. Students will complete this level by by playing a full round of golf with a legitimate score logged in.

Our PLAYERS ACADEMY Program is great for competitive golfers who want to take their game to the next level. All aspects of golfer’s performance will be covered including:

    • Short Game Skills (putting, chipping, pitching, sand and specialty shots)

    • Full Swing Mechanics

    • Mental Preparation

    • Golf Fitness

    • Golf Nutrition

    • Golf Course Management Skills

    • Tournament Preparation & Performance Factors

Season long or performance standard program (e.g. break 90) will be developed and reassessed periodically with your instructors for constant improvement.