Titleist Performance Institute

Get a TPI golf screen! We will test your strength and mobility over a series of 16 tests designed to uncover any limitations you might have that can affect your ability to swing the golf club. Once you are aware of these areas, golf specific exercises can be done to increase strength and functional ability that can lead to a more efficient and powerful golf swing.

Cost: $75.00

Tod Chasczewski, MS Titleist
Performance Institute Certified – Level 3 Golf Coach



Our Offerings

Driving Range

The driving range is open to the public seven days a week, all-year round, days and nights, rain or shine.


We offer ball-tracking technology that’s used by professionals.


This golfing tool will deliver club and ball data right at your fingertips while recording your golf swing video at the same time.

Mini Golf

We offer a 36 holes mini golf experience on a manicured nature track around 7 waterfalls in a beautiful landscape.

Golf Lessons

Our systematic approach to teaching golf will be one of great value for your game.

Mental Coaching

We’ll work with you on the parts of your mental game that are holding you back.

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North Texas premier destination for golf including award-winning golf range with Toptracer and TrackMan technologies, training, mini golf, events, and more in Arlington.