Golf is a sport that many people can appreciate. It takes consistency, focus, and a steady hand to play a round. To top that, the feeling of achieving the right swing is so satisfying for any avid golf player. Luckily for residents of Arlington and those in nearby areas, there are plenty of golf courses that provide different golfing experiences that they can appreciate.

You’ll find plenty of options within and around the area to play golf in Arlington, TX. Whether you’re looking for family-friendly golf courses or a driving range to practice your swing, here are some of the best places to play a game of golf.

Golf Center of Arlington

The ultimate destination for golf in North Texas is the Golf Center of Arlington, an award-winning golf range that features everything you need for an unforgettable game of golf. Designed by professionals, the golf center provides a multitude of golfing activities to help you enjoy your experience. With the adjacent River Park Resort – Arlington’s own golf-centric hotel – you can turn your golf trip into a one-of-a-kind vacation for the whole family.

The Golf Center of Arlington provides full golfing facilities for players of all levels. If you want to improve your golf game, the center provides golf lessons and has a public driving range as well as Topracer and TrackMan facilities to help you improve. Families will also enjoy the 36-hole mini golf course designed with scenic greenery. In other words, it’s the perfect getaway for those who want to host multi-day tournaments or have family-friendly fun in a golf center and resort that’s a stone’s throw away from Arlington’s entertainment center.

Texas Rangers Golf Club

A uniquely themed golfing range that’s centered around the Texas Rangers and Major League Baseball, the Texas Rangers Golf Club is the golf course of choice for those looking for something different. A $24 million joint collaboration between Arlington Golf and the Texas Rangers, the renovated public golf course attracts both Arlington residents and tourists to experience the unique setup for a satisfying golf game.

The golf course was designed and renovated by golf course architect John Colligan, who also had a hand in the Brackenridge Park Golf Course in San Antonio, the Stevens Park Golf Course in Dallas, the Shady Oaks Country Club in Fort Worth and more. The golf course is considered “Texas Big,” with over 111,000 square feet. This golf course is perfect for avid players who want to experience new courses and the area’s scenic views.

Residents of Arlington get a 20 percent discount on the golf course’s rates. Seniors, young children and those subscribed to the course’s Frequent Player Program can also receive special discounts. The rates include a green fee, ½ cart and range balls. Additional fees for golf club rentals and driving range bags apply.

Tierra Verde Golf Club

The Tierra Verde Golf Club opened in 1998, and the club recently underwent a three-month renovation project in 2022. It’s now a modern haven for golf enthusiasts, featuring new Champions bermudagrass greens, bunkers, brush clearing, sodding and other improvements that wow its guests.

Aside from its 250-acre public golf course, guests can improve their skills with facilities like a modern golf learning center, a driving range, a three-hole mastery course and more. The Tierra Verse Golf Club is a part of the Top 100 Golf Courses in Texas, meeting the same level of quality as private and high-end golf courses.

This is the place to go for events like fundraising tournaments, business meetings and corporate outings. The facility also has an outdoor pavilion and a full-service restaurant to ensure guests can get a bite to eat right after a game.

Admission rates vary depending on the day and time you visit, as well as whether you’re playing 9 holes or all 18 holes. Prices are also exclusive of cart tax.

Lake Arlington Golf Course

Opened in 1963 with the stylings of golf course designer Ralph Plummer, the Lake Arlington Golf Course was later redesigned in 2009 to reconstruct the greens and enhance the style and functionality of the land. The golf course uses the land’s natural elevation changes for a unique golfing experience.

The Lake Arlington Golf course is a golfing site for those who can appreciate golf in its traditional quality. The 185-acre course has the usual 18 holes surrounded by scenic greens that are part of the golf course’s commitment to environmental preservation.

This is ideal for tournaments and for those who want to play golf as it’s meant to be played. Aside from the golf course, there’s also an equipment shop and a club repair center to address all your golfing needs in one go. Finish your day there in the small cafe with a scenic view of the 18th hole.

Meadowbrook Park Golf Course

From downtown Arlington, travel a mile east to Meadowbrook Park, the oldest golf course in the city. The city purchased the small 52-acre site in 1923 and, a year later, was open as a public golf course and picnic grounds.

It only has 9 holes, so it’s not ideal for tournaments, serious players, training or those who want to play the full 18 holes. However, for families and friends, it’s an affordable spot to enjoy the day with picnics and golf throughout the day. Prices can vary depending on when you visit, with discounts available for seniors and young children. There are also additional costs for renting a pull cart, golf cart and golf clubs.

Visit the Golf Center of Arlington for a Unique Golfing Experience

There are many places for golf in Arlington, TX, for all types of players, but if you want a unique golf-centric getaway, your best choice is the award-winning Golf Center of Arlington. The unique destination caters to all types of players and visiting families, friends and business colleagues alike. Show off your skills or improve them in our state-of-the-art facilities at the Golf Center of Arlington and its upcoming River Park Resort.

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